Stay connected to your scientific instrumentation

InstruMan is a project willing to improve the experience of an operator dealing with scientific instrumentation, making it faster and direct.

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Download Windows version

InstruMan 1.26b is a Windows .NET application capable of controlling multiple instruments and process data simultaneously. Is an open source project that will be extended and integrated with new features!

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These are the main features of the software:

  • Victor 86C USB HID connection protocol
  • 86C data reading and logging
  • Voltcraft DPPS-32-15 control and logging
  • Continuous reading of Voltage and Current
  • Continuous logging of Voltage and Current in a Chart with the option to export data to csv file
  • Possibility to set logging rate from 50 ms -Turn ON and OFF instrument
  • Set Voltage and Current
  • Set a custom voltage loop to play and reiterate
  • Reiteration possible in three ways: for a fixed time, for a fixed number of cycles and until the STOP button s pressed
  • Open/Save your project
  • Export to excel spreadsheet
  • Real time Heat exchange monitor and logging
  • Real time Power consumption monitor and logging