Stay connected to your scientific instrumentation

InstruMan is a project willing to improve the experience of an operator dealing with scientific instrumentation, making it faster and direct.

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instrumanIt’s something for few, but with its help you can do very much.

IntruMan is a tool designed to help people use and interface with instruments. It’s a windows application capable of connecting with a digital multimeter (Victor 86C) and a lab power supply (Voltcraft 32V 16A), log data and control them. Its purpose doesn’t stop here, but in the future you’ll be able to tell the software how to manupulate data, and it will show you the processed data without any additional effort.

InstruMan is not only this. It is also an Android application! In the future computers are going to disappear slowly, so why not act in advance? You’ll be able to do your scientific measurements, or your scientific research directly on your smartphone or tablet!


Cool right? It’s not only cool, it’s a new way to approach that ugly and gray world of scientific research with innovation! It’s what research does, it innovates!

Get ahead of times, prepare for the next generation!